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Reinor Oy

Physical properties

Reinor interior panels are made using composite materials based on polypropylene which is lightweight, impact resistant and recyclable.

Thermal expansion is very low (close to that of aluminium) allowing for the connection of very large fixtures directly to the body of the cabin without the worry of expansion allowances. This provides an accoustic proof construction. Separate sound insulation is therefore rarely required.

Reinor interior panels are suitable for use in adverse conditions where large temperature variations are common (-40°C to 120°C). Impact strenght is almost unchangable at temperature above -40°C.

Optimum results

Reinor fixtures can be produced to exhibit the properties which the customer requires. To give optimum results, active consultation early in the design stages in considered essential.

Design services

With co-operation from your company we can develop fixtures from your ideas to the final product. Reinor design workshops can create test samples in a very short period of time for use in trials and tests.